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Alco Collection - Harley Davidson Gin

Today’s story is dedicated to German collector Uwe Ehinger.
This collector is a true fan of Harley Davidson motorcycles.
For more than 40 years, Uwe has been collecting old motorcycles and their spare parts …
This Harley Davidson fan is looking for and buying artifacts for his collection around the world.

Harley Davidson Moto Collection

In the past few years, he has decided to use his collection in a new creative way.
Uwe Ehinger created an exclusive Harley Davidson style gin.
The original product from the collector consists of gin and an old motorcycle part immersed in alcohol.
Each part undergoes special processing and is coated with a special alloy so as not to hang out inside the alcohol and break the glass bottle.
Gin is absolutely usable.

Harley Davidson Gin
Harley Davidson parts
Uwe Ehinger Gin

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