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The Largest Collection of Cans "Coca-Cola"

Today I would like to talk about the Italian collector David Andreani .. Italian David Andreani is the owner of Coca Cola’s largest collection of cans. 

The collection mainly consists of exclusive cans. The collector laid the foundation for his collection over 24 years ago .. In the beginning, his father brought him Coca Cola cans as souvenirs from numerous business trips. And little David was very happy when an exclusive copy of the Cola model fell into his hands. Thus, over 24 years, he managed to collect a huge collection of cans from around the world, with the exception of the countries of Cuba and North Korea. At that time, Coca Cola was simply not for sale in these countries … 

The most expensive and exclusive copy of the Italian collection is the so-called “diamond” can, released in 1959. This can has a unique design, and was made at the Coca Cola Italian factory, exclusively for factory workers …

 Currently, David continues to successfully pursue his hobby, filling his collection with new and interesting exhibits ..

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coca cola cans

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